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  The Intermediate school that paved way to Precious Blood costars

5o years later, Precious Blood School whose foundation and establishment was as a result of The Missionaries of The Precious Blood Sisters located in Riruta, Dagoretti sub-county. Recalls they hard work and toil as their try to make suitable rooms from nothing, where community girls could call a class and study.

The school’s humble beginning when the missionaries bought one stone after another, and with the involvement of the local community through the support of the then chief Waiyaki in 1950s among others.  The missionary sisters were able to lay a foundation structure, known as The Inter-mediate school; little did their sisters know that this project would shine fourth in educating girls towards social transformation. Indeed, this was the missionary’s founder’s dream, an Abbot whose vision saw the need of promoting a girl child to access to education as a right and a means to raise women’s dignity in a society that had regarded them as a second class human being. A clear mind at the 18th century, the founder had already the vision of women which is faces challenges even in the present age and time. The ancient structure of the Inter-mediate school, today Precious Blood Secondary school is on its kneel today as its  foundation building is being  leveled to ensign way for a globalized structure. Sorry for the surrounding mango trees that has lasted for over 50 years, to provide shade, an enabling environment with serenity, where one watched leaves and branches swing, birds sing, a habitat for different species of birds.

 A general view, which provided a prayerful environment, where a heart could feel at home and marvel at God’s wonderful works. All these are now on their knees, poor mother environment; you have to pave way for commercial gains. Branches separated from their trunk and scattered craving for their belonging, while the local community too watch in owe!.



ON THE 22.02.2014


The day was filled with so much joy with the surrounding community from the Kilakala area and beyond joining us for the function. The ceremony begun at around   10.00am with the arrival and signing of the visitors book by of guest of honor, The regional Commissioner for Morogoro region, the other invited guests -The Bishop of Morogoro Diocese, The Regional and District Medical Officer from the Morogoro District Hospital, The Divisional officer for Kilakala, our sisters from various communities also joined us.

The cutting of the tape by the guest of honor was the climax of the ceremony which marked the meaning of the day itself. The centre was formerly a dispensary but now it was upgraded to an Health Centre whereby now we are permitted to offer more medical services including admissions and theatre. After the cutting of the Tape the invited guests were taken round by the sister in charge of the health centre Sr. Claudia Maria to visit various places of the health Centre. They were very amazed by the improvements done by the sisters. In his speech the guest of honor thanked the sisters for the good service they render to the people of Morogoro. He said that St.Thomas been a health centre will be supportive to the region since this will reduce the overcrowding of patients in the regional Hospital. He also thanked for the good maintenance of the environment. He promised to support the health centre incase of any need.

The short ceremony ended at 12.30pm with delicious lunch and refreshments at the St.Thomas Youth and conference centre.


The Missionariesof The  Precious Blood Sisters leading in transformation of  young citizens through their services in schools, kindergartens, community colleges, spiritual centres.   We are happy to invite  YOU to be part of  OUR  evangelizing  team. As we plan to celebrate 130  years of altimate success in September 2015.  You can  also contribute towards our missions through the congregations account number, Precious Blood Convent, 1001515965:  or 1000010778, NIC Bank.  M-pesa Business Line 0720 281 079.



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