Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood

Precious Agenda

Abbot Francis Pfanner, the founder of The Missionaries Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1885 in South Africa, an Abbot who was fond of press usage. He even regarded it as a 2nd pulpit at his time. This inspiration unfolded  during the political turmoil of 1848, which led him  realize its power in communication.  

For the Abbot to effectively correspond with his benefactors in Europe, he used a hand press. He knew how to write in graphic, creative style way back in 1867.  The Abbot was well known as an apostle of the press, at his time he         knew how to have his articles published in newspapers and magazines.  He was a resolute journalist and an extreme well-read writer as his friars described him.

His press work as a result made the congregation to be known far and wide from 1880 to 1892.  Through the press he got hundreds of monks and Christians interested to join his Monastery while others felt the need to contribute or support towards his mission.  This successful outcome led him to regard the press as valuable, profitable and pastoral aid for his mission charisma.

Thus, the power of the spoken and printed word is already realized a decade ago by this missionary of the Zulu people.  He wrote many memoirs, publications, literary monuments, Mission calendars, prayer booklets, and newspaper and magazine articles.

In South Africa he erected a Mission Press for pastoral work and magazines. In his own words he regarded the “press as the 2nd pulpit. As it was observed  by Pope Pius X.  The Abbot and the founder of The Precious Blood Sisters, also known as the Marian hill Sisters.  After being rebranded from the Red Sisters, we are known as Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood.   

Abbot Francis, our founder stressed to the sisters and his confreres to note that that “he who rules the media, rules the World, and this is true today, and a decade ago.  The press made him known in Europe it enabled his   mission to grow to the heights. He was widely known as an Apostle of the press.

His message to the growing youth was never to say they had no time to write a story” if at his age and time he spared time to write. We too may not comfort ourselves that we have no time for press activities such as writing and reading for publications.   

The Abbot resigned in 1893 and retired in the most remote station in Marianhill known as Emaus, where he met his death in May 24th 1909 at 82 years of age.   He left the press legacy activity in place in South Africa. The fathers and brothers own the Marrianhill Mission Press. It publishes and offers printing activities in Marianhill town.  The two magazines are known as Marianhill and Leaves 

Our founder’s motto, assist the locals for “Better fields, Better homes and Better Hearts”

Writings borrowed from Rev. Fr R.  Kneipp, CMM


On our Co-founderess: Sr Paula Edmonds

Missionary Sister of the Precious Blood Co-foundress Sr Paula Edmonds. She came across the flyers that the Abbot constructed and sends to Europe. Mother Paula came to know about the mission work, which Abbot Francis had advertised. In the leaflets he had express his need of women in South Africa to go and join hands to promote girls and women welfare long before the struggle of apartheid was.

She saw the leaflets and together with 5 others from Germany, they decided to take off and come to South Africa.  Later on in life, mother Paula was elected as the leaders of the women who by then were just helpers in mission work. In September 8th 1885 the sisters were given the responsibility of taking care of a girl’s school at Marian hill

They taught catechesis and imparted other skills to the girls, boys and women.  The founder was pleased with their faithfulness and hard work and gave them a uniform.  Years later he sent a petition to Pope Leo X111 to bless the Institute of the Missionary Sisters as they await Papal approbation. In 1887 the Pope sent his assurance of his Holiness Benediction.

Mother Paula in her unique style of leadership was elected as the 1st canonical Superior General,  she was mentored by the journalist founder who inspired be to keep records on every event ad an administrator and later on she was mentored by the successors of the founder Abbot Obrecht.

Sr Paula was instrumental in laying down rules and decrees for the sisters and in particular the write up of the sisters rule in Inner Spirit



Precious Blood Sister’s General Information:  The Missionary institution was created through the Popal decree in Rome under the Pontificate ascent.  The Institution exists as a branch of the Universal Catholic Church since 1885. As a Missionary Institution, we operate in the whole world as an International congregation

Currently the congregation has about 900 members who assist in implementing mission activities. The Institution is at headquartering which is in Rome. Membership to the congregation is open to every woman of 18 year and above, must be a Catholic with any training and who have attained C+ and above. We accommodate without discrimination based on class or nationality    



The Missionariesof The  Precious Blood Sisters leading in transformation of  young citizens through their services in schools, kindergartens, community colleges, spiritual centres.   We are happy to invite  YOU to be part of  OUR  evangelizing  team. As we plan to celebrate 130  years of altimate success in September 2015.  You can  also contribute towards our missions through the congregations account number, Precious Blood Convent, 1001515965:  or 1000010778, NIC Bank.  M-pesa Business Line 0720 281 079.



Institute of Social Ministry

ISM since 1994 enhances Social Transformation inspired by the Social Teachings of the Church, speared by ministerial spirituality of service, propelled by scientific competences and skills acquired through Programmes at Diploma, BA, MA, MBA, PhD levels and turned operational in related projects of integral human development.