Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood

Precious Agenda


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Daniel and Annie cutting their farewel cake towards the end of year 2014. Daniel and Annie were officially leaving their job positions at Precious Blood convent.


Anne worked for 8 months as a sisters cook while Daniel had worked with Precious Blood Sister for 35 years as a gardener.


Precious Blood sisters wish them well.



The Missionariesof The  Precious Blood Sisters leading in transformation of  young citizens through their services in schools, kindergartens, community colleges, spiritual centres.   We are happy to invite  YOU to be part of  OUR  evangelizing  team. As we plan to celebrate 130  years of altimate success in September 2015.  You can  also contribute towards our missions through the congregations account number, Precious Blood Convent, 1001515965:  or 1000010778, NIC Bank.  M-pesa Business Line 0720 281 079.



Institute of Social Ministry

ISM since 1994 enhances Social Transformation inspired by the Social Teachings of the Church, speared by ministerial spirituality of service, propelled by scientific competences and skills acquired through Programmes at Diploma, BA, MA, MBA, PhD levels and turned operational in related projects of integral human development.