Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood

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The Temporay Professed Seminar

This past June and in the beginning of July our Temporary Professed Sisters participated in a seminar on Life - giving Community. The seminar looked at Communication Types and Styles, Conflict and Confrontation, Dialogue and Debate as well as CPS Community Life.


The sisters had the opportunity for input, group work, plenum discussions and time for integration. The few days they were together were packed. 


Hopefully each one has benefitted  from their experinces during the seminar.


Each of us is called to build life-giving communities wherever we are so that we can better serve the purpose of our congregation and province.





The warm weather is slowly coming to Riruta. Today, although on the cool side this morning wll hopefully warm up in the afternoon. We have been slowly landscaping our gardens. In the side garden we have planted an assortment of fruit trees- apple, avocado, orange etc. In a few years time we hopefully will benefit from the hard work of our Sr. Scholastica and our main gardener Christopher. Below is our revitalized main entrance.






It has been some time since I wrote and many things have occured over the past months some sad and some happy. Like Job we have learned to pray " The Lord gives; the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord."


I leave with the wisdom of the image below.



The Missionariesof The  Precious Blood Sisters leading in transformation of  young citizens through their services in schools, kindergartens, community colleges, spiritual centres.   We are happy to invite  YOU to be part of  OUR  evangelizing  team. As we plan to celebrate 130  years of altimate success in September 2015.  You can  also contribute towards our missions through the congregations account number, Precious Blood Convent, 1001515965:  or 1000010778, NIC Bank.  M-pesa Business Line 0720 281 079.



Institute of Social Ministry

ISM since 1994 enhances Social Transformation inspired by the Social Teachings of the Church, speared by ministerial spirituality of service, propelled by scientific competences and skills acquired through Programmes at Diploma, BA, MA, MBA, PhD levels and turned operational in related projects of integral human development.