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Sports A Women’s Economic field


Living purposefully, is an opportunity within you, to love what you do, your work, whether it’s self-employing, an employee or unemployed. Your fulfilment in your life has to do with yourself determination or your vocabulary for ever will be “I wish I knew”

The digital leadership is with us women and it has plenty for us. It has come with it a system of devolved governance, brought about by the reviewed Constitution (2010) which most of us participated in its realization. Indeed its gender friendly, a call to us women to utilize all opportunities that it brings along socially, culturally, economically and politically to promote our wellbeing and the society at large.

Its opportunities cuts away all odds as seen in the eyes of women, it has come with gender equality and the empowerment of all at the grassroots level, where women become county representatives. It brought to realized the 50% of women position in parliament, even though not fully, but at least the few can influence decision making processes to some extend to factor women social policies. The availability of women funds, with time we hope this will be made accessible to women at all levels. Whether learned or illiterate, it’s meant for them to improve their livelihood. In many household there are the cornerstones of their families. The family background does not matter, what matters is the will to bring change.

I am quite comfortable when I write this article as I flash back in the recent past, the sport women who have made the entire nation proud. These have redefined women’s potential, making Kenya to become accustomed to women runners, many of them who are mothers. Indeed these are beacons of hope to millions of women. We have seen them grabbing newspapers headline due to their potential in athletics.


Quick focus on sports women back in 1984, the first Olympic finalist Ruth Waithera who won the 400m, Sally Barsosio in 10,000m race in 1997 and the first woman to bring to Kenya’s first gold medal, Catharine Dereba in 2003 won Marathon gold, Susan Sirma who won bronze in 3000m race in Tokyo Japan, Hellen Chepnge’no the first woman to win cross country title, others like Vivian Cheruyot, Viola Kibiwot, Sylvia Chebiwott Kibet, Jeruto Kiptet among many have made us proud. Bravo women athletees and other women who build Kenya’s economy all around years to the heights, for making us proud!

Sporting activity has elevated women both locally and internationally. These potential has changed the face of women culturally and economically.

Women in spots have invested their time and resources to identify their potential. The have identified their opportunity and made it to the heights, they have branded themselves heroine title in economic field, and they still flame the women’s economic image up to date.

As a sporting nation, whose economy thrives on sporting sector. County leaders need to focus on nurturing women talents to enable them bring it to reality. There is need to review the sporting social policy to cater for sporting women and men as well as a way of motivating young athletes who are coming up. The young women athletics need to be encouraged to become coaches who are well trained, to enhance athletic education and unfold untapped potential among the young generations.

Every county to strive and nurture, invest and provide recreational ground on their human resource can nurture talents at the grassroots. As a blessed and busy nation no conflicts could exits due to unemployment for opportunities are there ready to be turned in assets.


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